Rotarian magazine features 5950’s cutting-edge clubs

One of the ways Rotary continues to grow is by adapting and creating cause-based clubs that unite people around a common purpose — whether it’s the environment, veterans issues or human trafficking. Rotary District 5950 Governor Tom Gump is at the forefront of this movement, helping to expand the reach of Rotary and to inspire action that improves community.

The August 2020 edition of The Rotarian magazine prominently features the word that District 5950 has done to create this community through case-based clubs. These clubs are able to bring new members in by harnessing people’s passions, allowing new members to join a club that suits their personal interests. They also provide an outlet for people with specific interests to actively serve their communities. By bringing people together with a passion for a cause, District 5950 is able to create partnerships that provide value both to members and their outside communities.