What is a Passport Club?

D5950 is ready to charter its first Passport Club. What are its pros and cons?

  • A Passport Club appeals to Rotarians who can’t conveniently gather at a meeting location. Weekly meetings are online or available to access and watch later.

  • Service hours are done on your own and submitted for credit. Involvement with a nonprofit, church committee, scout leader, youth coach, etc., all count.

  • With no meeting room rental or meal cost, the fee is $15/month — just enough to cover RI and 5950 dues.

  • Passport members are full Rotarians. They’re encouraged to use their passportto visit other clubs and even participate in those clubs’ projects.

  • There are no fundraisers. If a group of Passport members want to do a project together, the cost is self-pay shares.

  • The downsides are that:
    – The focus is on service. Fellowship happens quarterly for this group.

    – No fundraisers means no money to give away or use for reimbursement.
    – Without a local identity, Passport members’ individual work is rather invisible. 
      However, a local group can work together and generate PR.

District 5950 is reaching out to former Rotarians who quit their clubs because of cost or meeting conflicts. Rogers certainly has a trove of service-oriented past members who might like to reactivate in a club like this. If that’s YOU and this new option is appealing, request more information and an application form from cheri_n_lee@hotmail.com.