What is a Passport Club?

D5950 is ready to charter its first Passport Club. What are its pros and cons?

  • A Passport Club appeals to Rotarians who can’t conveniently gather at a meeting location. Weekly meetings are online or available to access and watch later.

  • Service hours are done on your own and submitted for credit. Involvement with a nonprofit, church committee, scout leader, youth coach, etc., all count.

  • With no meeting room rental or meal cost, the fee is $15/month — just enough to cover RI and 5950 dues.

  • Passport members are full Rotarians. They’re encouraged to use their passportto visit other clubs and even participate in those clubs’ projects.

  • There are no fundraisers. If a group of Passport members want to do a project together, the cost is self-pay shares.

  • The downsides are that:
    – The focus is on service. Fellowship happens quarterly for this group.

    – No fundraisers means no money to give away or use for reimbursement.
    – Without a local identity, Passport members’ individual work is rather invisible. 
      However, a local group can work together and generate PR.

District 5950 is reaching out to former Rotarians who quit their clubs because of cost or meeting conflicts. Rogers certainly has a trove of service-oriented past members who might like to reactivate in a club like this. If that’s YOU and this new option is appealing, request more information and an application form from cheri_n_lee@hotmail.com.


DECA students seek judges for state presentations

Past president Lenny Kirscht, First Bank Elk River, encourages Rotarians to be  judges at the Minnesota State DECA competition.

It is on March 1-3 at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis.  The judge application form allows you to select date(s) you are available. If you apply, please credit the Rogers DECA club and enter Alison Reust as the recruiter. She is a State Officer for DECA and one of the students we sponsored for Camp Enterprise.

“These students demonstrate impressive acumen and innovation. I guarantee you’ll be encouraged that the future will be in capable hands as these students become business leaders.” says Lenny.


Join Area 7 clubs for a networking social

Is effective networking one of your New Year’s resolutions?

Then you want to put Wednesday, January 29 on your calendar and meet Rotarians from the five neighboring clubs that form Area 7 (Buffalo, Maple Grove, Monticello, Rogers, St. Michael-Albertville) as well as district leaders and other Rotarians. The event is free!

If you are a member of another Rotary club or are a community guest, please RSVP to Area 7 AG Lee Ashfeld.