Watch for the upcoming D5950 Rotary Business Network

The Eden Prairie Noon club is spearheading a district-wide Rotary Business Network (RBN) that will be open to all Rotarians. It will not be sponsored by any individual club, and will move locations to accommodate the greatest number of participants. The RBN is still “under construction” but will be promoted widely to all D5950 clubs.

Why go to a Rotary Business Network event?

  • For long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals. These members are ready and willing to help you accomplish your business goals, and value community involvement as much as you do.
  • For Mentor-ship:Help new businesses with your knowledge. Receive advice from leaders who have been there.
  • For Business Growth:Learn about new opportunities and exchange business referrals.
  • For Networking:People do business with other people they know and trust long before they’ll do business with leads found in an advertisement.

RBN will be free for all 5950 Rotarians. It will meet twice a month — one morning and one evening. Sessions will begin with a brief introduction of your business, current needs or challenges, and then an informal mixer. Rotarians pay for their own food and drinks. Guests (non-Rotarians) may come with a 5950 Rotarian twice, then he/she must become
a Rotarian to continue attending.